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Introduction to Project Management

Learn about the theoretical and practical insights on the management of projects.
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About this course

The course will provide both theoretical and practical insights on the management of projects. It prepares participants with the essential knowledge and skills in project management. Participants will learn what a project is, and understand the various stages of a project life cycle. An organisation’s strategy and project management is tightly integrated – hence we will deep dive into the relationship between both an organisation’s business strategy and project management selection.

There will be no Certificate issued to course participants as this is a complimentary course.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define project scope, objectives and deliverables.
  • Describe the essential project management knowledge, insights and tools.
  • Explain how a Responsibility Matrix can help identify stakeholder responsibilities.
  • Start: 22 April, 2020
  • End: 30 June, 2020
  • Price: Complimentary Access
  • Course Provider: Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Subject: Project Management, Business
  • Language: English

Mr Reven Wee

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